Thursday, April 09, 2020

Not my office, but it could be

Look at this picture. Imagine this setting when everyone is at their assigned seat. There can be no "social distancing." Everyone is closer than six feet to the person to their left and right, as well as directly across from them.

For this reason, when we begin returning to work after the pandemic, we are likely to do it by teams. If your client is Global Airlines, you're expected to be at the office on Mondays. The Jiffy Burger team will be there on Tuesdays. The Consolidated Insurance team will be onsite on Wednesdays ... We'll sit as far apart as possible, and wipe down our areas throughout the day.

I read in Business Insider that more than half of us believe that open offices will lead to an increase in coronavirus infections. I'm one of that 52.9%.

Of course, I hated open seating before this. It robs me of my privacy and the quiet time I need to write. It leaves me piteously exposed all day and exhausted at night.

And now it puts me at risk for disease.


If it wasn't for the stock market's nose dive, I'd welcome retirement.

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  1. I wondered about your clown car arrangement. I think our school buildings are closed for the remainder of the year and we're going to stick with distance learning.