Friday, January 24, 2020

Saturday 9

Go Where Baby Lives (1957)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here

1) The lyrics tell us that the girl of his dreams lives up on a hill. Is there a hill near your home? Or is the terrain pretty flat where you are? Very flat. I'm always awed when I see mountains. Like in the limo from the airport last spring when I visited Los Angeles. The driver was amused by how I nearly pressed my nose to the window as we passed the mountains. He drives through them every day, so he's used to them. But I was thrilled.

2) Another clue to her whereabouts is that she's about a mile from town. Will you be staying close to home this weekend, or will you be traveling a mile or more? Maybe. My friend Kathy invited me to visit her in Dekalb, which is about 50 miles away. We'll see if that actually comes off. I'm recovering from bronchitis (see post below) and there's snow predicted. Kathy was going to pick me up at the train station, and she's not confident the roads will be cleared by Sunday noon.

3) Sam admits she's crazy about the sax solo. Is there a particular musical instrument that you love to listen to? I especially love the horn riff on "Silly Love Songs." (Comes in at about 2:35.) It's played by trombone, trumpet and sax, I believe. 


4) This is the only record The Strollers made for States, a company based out of Chicago. States was only in existence for five years (1952-57) and this was the 63rd or 64 records released before they went out of business. Tell us about a business in your neighborhood that recently closed their doors. Until December 27, there was a French cafe here in town. It was a fixture on that corner for nearly 30 years. I didn't go often -- it was always crowded and I don't like waiting -- but last month, my friend Nancy and her husband and I stopped there for dinner, to celebrate the holidays and to say "goodbye." Our waitress was so sweet. She looked all of 25 and said this was the only job she'd ever had. Oh well, things change. I'm sure something new will move in there and it will be a watering hole for a new generation.

5) More than 60 years after its initial release, this song enjoyed new popularity when Xfinity used it in commercials for their wifi. What company is your internet service provider? Are you happy with it? Xfinity. Yes, I'm happy with it. I've got a bundle -- TV, wifi and yes, a landline -- and each service is there when I need it. I'm not cutting the cord until I'm forced to.

6) In researching this week's song, Sam googled "strollers" and was surprised to discover how many different types of baby buggies are available today. When did you most recently push a child in a stroller? More than a decade.

7) In 1957, the year this song was released, President Eisenhower celebrated his second inaugural with a parade featuring more than 50 marching bands. The mercury never quite reached 45º that day. How's the weather outside your front door? The mercury never reached 45º here today, either. It's 34º and raining and snow is predicted.

8) One of the best-selling books of 1957 was Peyton Place. This steamy saga of small town life launched two films, two television series, and several made-for-tv movies. Is there a book that you enjoyed that was successfully turned to a movie? Many! Here are some of the very best.

9) A Peyton Place-inspired question: Can a man be physically unfaithful to a woman, but still love her? I suppose ... but I feel sorry for him. He must feel very guilty.


  1. We have the Xfinity bundle, too, and it is reliable, but man do we pay for it. We're up to about $260 per month. We're looking into other options at this point.

  2. I was only thinking about recent books/movies I had read, but I think a movie that I was thrilled to "see" after I read the book was The Great Gatsby. I loved the book...and I loved the Leo more recent movie. When I read the book it was so colorful in my mind and the recent movie was just that. I know they left things out, but I have never depended on movies to tell the whole story. I enjoyed the book To Kill a Mockingbird much more. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  3. How did I forget Ordinary People?????

  4. sounds familiar the weather in our area is totally unpredictable no snow on ground as of yet but sure have had lots of rain and freezing rain. Hope you get better soon
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