Sunday, December 09, 2018

Why be a jerk in the Lord's name?

One of our newer Sat 9-ers went off on a mini-rant this week about Christmas. It's too commercial, and those "seculars" insist on saying "Happy Holidays," which somehow diminishes the season for her.

It's her blog so it's her right to rant. I just won't visit her anymore. It's not the first time that she's wrapped her hostility in my faith and it offends me.

My Christianity is about love.

I love my Jewish friends, who celebrate Hanukkah during this Sat 9-er's Christmas season. I refuse to believe that Jesus actually wants me to ignore what matters to them as I celebrate Him. Similarly, when I say "Happy Holidays," in addition to Christmas I am including The Immaculate Conception, Kwanzaa, St. Nicholas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's.  I don't make a big deal out of all those days, but if you do, please be happy. The world needs more happy.

When you are bagging my groceries or handing me my dry cleaning, I cannot know which of those holidays you celebrate. So I say, "Happy Holidays." Because I know Jesus wants good things for you, too.

If you do not worship any god, you still deserve to make happy memories during this happy time. If you are atheist or agnostic, you have obviously heard The Greatest Story Ever Told and decided it's not for you. I don't believe that my saying, "Merry Christmas" will suddenly make a lightbulb go off over your head. I do believe, however, that my tone-deaf admonition that you celebrate my faith could drive you further away. And that is not my goal.

And then there's this: this country was built on religious freedom. So this insistence on institutionalized Christianity is unpatriotic.

Besides, "Happy Holidays" was good enough for Andy Williams. Andy is, of course, the Official Voice of The Gal Herself's Christmas.  

I wish everyone could experience the solace and wisdom I get from following Jesus. But even if you don't, I sincerely want you to enjoy the season, and to enjoy Andy.


  1. This post is just what I needed to read--I thought I was the only person who was turned off by that Sat 9er.

  2. This made me glad I was so busy with our 15" of snow last weekend that I didn't get around to visiting other blogs. I don't get this "war on Christmas." I haven't heard a single soul say you can't celebrate or pray.


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