Friday, October 19, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Sweet City Woman (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The lyrics tell us the singer is on his way to catch a train and he really wants to be on time. When is the last time you were late for something? Work on Friday. But then, I'm always late. I just can't manage to get out of the house on time in the morning, even though I have three (3!) alarm clocks.

2) He sings he's on his way to meet a woman known for her macaroons. What's your favorite cookie? Those clever elves have switched the fudge stripes to pumpkin for fall!

3) His girlfriend's face is so pretty she lights up the city night. How many lights are in the room you're in? How many are switched on? I'm under a ceiling fan. The blades are switched off, but the four bulbs are on.

4) This is the rare top 40 tune that prominently features a banjo. Sam has always been crazy about the sound of a banjo. What sound makes you smile? (It doesn't have to be a musical instrument. Think bacon sizzling, church bells, etc.) My cat Connie's purr. For a compact critter, she has an impressive (and delightful) motor.

5) 47 years after their record was a hit, The Stampeders still tour every summer, playing festivals across the US and their native Canada. Do you enjoy live music under the stars? Or would you prefer to be seated in a theater? I'm a fat old lady with a bum knee. I'll take the theater seat, thank you!

6) In 1971, when this song was popular on the radio, detective shows were popular on TV. Mannix, Ironside and Cannon were all in the Top 20. Who is your favorite TV detective? Before he was SATC's Mr. Big, before he was The Good Wife's Peter Florrick, he was Law and Order's Mike Logan.

7) Also in 1971, the Post Office Department was disbanded as a Cabinet department and became The United States Postal Service. When did you last go to the post office? Were you mailing something? Buying stamps? Picking up a package? Renewing your passport? I sent an American Express giftcard to my friend Reg. Because I wanted a tracking number, I mailed it at the window.

8) Race car legend Jeff Gordon was born in 1971. Do you watch NASCAR? Nope

9) Random question -- Do you have a vaccination scar? If so, where is it? My upper left arm.


  1. My roommate in college also had three alarm clocks,each one with a bigger bell. The first one was by the bed had the smallest bell, the one by the bureau had a slightly larger bell and was set to go off 5 minutes after the first one and the last one was by the door and if that one went off I think that the dorm would think it was the fire alarm because the bell was so big.

  2. Had to tell me about the pumpkin spice Fudge Stripes, didn't you? Now I'm going to have to find a package of them to feed my love of all things pumpkin flavored.
    Connie looks like she is a good cuddler. Give her one for me.

  3. Oh Gal yes!!! The sound of a pet always makes me smile! Great answer! The cookies look and sound so good! I loved your answers! Have a great weekend!

  4. Can't wait to try those Pumpkin Fudge Stripes. They sound sinful.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. That's a mighty fine looking photo of Det. Logan. *swoon*

  6. Oh dear. I am so not a pumpkin fan. I am now angry at the Keebler elves. LOL.

  7. I love a purring cat. And Logan's the guy I loved in the oldest Law and Order but couldn't remember his name. He's pretty delicious which I can't say for those Keebler cookies. eww. lol
    So many alarm clocks. Can you get more things ready the night before? Doing that might help out with time. I'm so glad not to be on an alarm clock anymore.


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