Sunday, September 09, 2018

So that makes four of us

Last night my movie Meet Up got together and saw a nice, fluffy film from 1936, Theodora Goes Wild. The movie was fine, but it wasn't what made the evening memorable.

Four of us are going to the TCM Classic Film Festival this spring! Will, Betty and her daughter, and me. The three of them have attended before -- Betty/Lauren last year, Will for several years running. It sounds perfect for me, for it was agreed that we'll each do our own thing, seeing the movies that we individually want which could take us on separate paths. But there will also be someone there I can ask for guidance, for help if I get lost or in trouble, for camaraderie if I feel the need for it.

If only every trip offered me exactly this. For, truth to tell, I get so annoyed with people when I spend too much time with them. I've lived alone too long to live with anyone.

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