Friday, January 05, 2018

And so it begins

On Friday I will meet members of our sister agency in St. Louis. Our hour-long "meet-and-greet" will run from 11 to noon. In the invitation, I'm introduced as part of the Chicago team that "makes the magic happen."

As it has been explained to me -- officially, not rumor -- St. Louis is handling one (very large) portion of our client's monolith business, while here in Chicago we will continue to service a separate and much smaller division.

My boss assures me this is all there is to it. I am not so sure. Without boring everyone beyond endurance, there's a financial aspect to this that makes me wonder how having two agencies under the same corporate banner will be profitable. And, since we're the smaller element, if one side is going to swallow the other, it makes sense that I'm the guppy.

On the other hand, they are meeting with us. And I'm now included in correspondence on the topic (instead of being reduced to surreptitiously reading "confidential" decks abandoned on the printer).

I just wish I was looking back on this, and all this attendant stress and drama.

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