Saturday, January 06, 2018

A highlight of a lowkey Saturday

Here is why I can't wait for Christmas 2018. I got this Ugly Cubs Christmas Sweater on sale at the local Rally House. It was 30% off! The ones they had left in stock were all big and cut for men, so it's ginormous on me, but I think that only adds to the charm.

So today I woke up and couldn't remember what day it was. Delighted to look at my calendar and see nothing on it, I indulged in episode after episode of my latest obsession: Pawn Stars. (It's on again as I post this; I think it's like the new millennium I Love Lucy and is on somewhere at all times.)

Then I took myself out for a lovely breakfast of blueberry/ricotta pancakes with a side order of bacon and a mug of gingerbread hot chocolate. (How's that for a hearty meal on a cold day?)

Then I took a long winter's nap, woke up and did laundry.

It's scary how much I enjoy doing nothing.

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  1. The ugly sweater is really a winner! What a delightful day. I am enjoying it vicariously. I am not looking forward to my impending trip to the laundromat (it's so freaking cold!).


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