Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sunday Stealing

The Simple Life

What are five things you would like to do more.
1) Exercise
2) Volunteer
3) Read
4) Write for pleasure
5) Attend church
What is your quote to live by


What was the best thing that happened this week?
Friday evening, I got a new pair of contact lenses. YEA! Those glasses were really cramping my style.

What is something you are stressed about?
Ha! There's a possibility that I'll be let go on November 15. I believe that's worth a sleepless night or two.

What book has influenced your life?
Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. I read it a decade ago, and I still think about it.

Share a childhood memory
The Christmas I was in second grade, Santa brought me this very poster. Which I hung on my bedroom door and kissed every morning and night. 

What fictional character would you most like to be?
Mary Poppins, because she was practically perfect in every way.

What is something you are proud of?
I have given good homes to the cats I've rescued. 

What was the last thing you celebrated?
Last weekend, I had lunch with my friend Nancy for the first time in months, and I gave her a mug ("Potent potables for $20, Alex") to celebrate her appearance as a contestant on Jeopardy.

What are weird things you like?
I watch very weird TV. Like Autopsy: The Last Hours of .... And What's My Line? from the 1950s.

What is your favorite song to sing?
I found myself singing along to "Memories" with Elvis. "Holding hands and red bouquets and twilights trimmed in purple haze ..." The King sounded so sincere on those ballads.

Name three things you do well.
1)  Bonding with critters
2)  Present to clients
3)  Laundry (I hate it, but I'm good at it)

What are your priorities in life?
I try to live by the Golden Rule. 

What is something that scares you?
Losing my job on November 15.
Best book you read this year?
Perhaps it's the sin of recency, but I'll go with the one I just finished, Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter. Haunting and heartbreaking.


  1. You have a friend who was on Jeopardy? Has her episode aired yet?

    Hoping Nov. 15 comes and goes uneventfully.

  2. I was about the same age when I received a large up-close poster of Donny Osmond that I hung on my door and kissed goodnight.
    The old What's My Line was great! I used to watch it at my grandparents' house.
    Wow...the 15th is definitely scary and stressful. I will be praying it doesn't come to pass.

  3. OMG I had a poster of Shawn Cassidy. My siblings made it ugly, though. I hope that the 15th is a non-event. Scary, though.. :)

  4. Oh gosh, I am sorry to hear you might lose your work. That is terrible. I don't do prayers but I will think kind thoughts for you and about you, and hope that you land on your feet, however it turns out. Good luck to you.

  5. I'll also be thinking of you on and before the 15th, hoping it's a non-event. Meanwhile, enjoy wearing those new contacts, and the remembering the wonderful things you do for cats. That illustration of books and cats is true and so very cute.

  6. Ok, it's November 15--I've been sending out good vibes all weekend and week! Hope they pay off.


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