Thursday, October 05, 2017

4 out of 5

I had my review this week. My boss and my coworkers combined to give me a 4 out of 5. That's better than I gave myself, and as good as anyone will get.* I have to work on being more daring in my creative choices, and on not wearing my heart on my sleeve when things go awry. I'm seen as responsible, collaborative and supportive. And I have earned my client's vocal and demonstrated trust and respect, which goes a long way.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. None of that is what I was interested in. What's going on with that agency in St. Louis? Are they replacing me? Are they replacing us? Is this solid "4" about to lose her job?

My boss says "no." He says he's wandered the halls, asking The Powers that Be about our sister agency in St. Louis and he says he's confident that there is no move afoot to get rid of us. He confided that his interest wasn't only in calming my nerves -- he has to work at least two more years before he can afford to retire.

I feel better now, even though I don't entirely believe him. It isn't that I think he's lying, it's that I saw what I saw on that deck. It's possible I misunderstood it ... and yes, it's unlikely that management would look a director like my boss square in the eye and lie to him ... except I saw what I saw on that deck.

So I'm moving ahead as though it is true that I'll be let go soon. I'm collecting samples and slowly building my online portfolio.

At least I'm no longer popping a Xanax first thing in the morning, and I'm able to think about the upcoming NLDS playoffs. GO, CUBS!

*Corporate discourages perfect scores, and here's why: If I got 5 out of 5, and there's no room for improvement, then why aren't I being promoted and how much of a raise do I deserve?

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  1. It chaps my ass that a scale of 5 exists yet it's impossible to be scored 5. As educators we constantly argue among ourselves about this issue. I say a 5's job is to keep up the quality work to maintain the 5. Or change the scale.

    Regardless of my rant--congratulations on your score! It's great your peers value your work as much as your clients do.


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