Thursday, September 07, 2017

I miss him

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I looked for him. I knew he wouldn't be there, but I imagined him there on the street corners where he spent his days. Curled up, sleeping like a tiny fur shrimp amid the hubbub of morning rush hour. Or alertly chasing shadows, wandering as far as his leash would allow. Or attacking one of the cat toys donated by one of his passerby fans. Or, best of all, sitting quietly and making love eyes at me as I scratched him between his ears.

I miss little Napoleon. I am so glad I got to have a nice long chat with his human last Thursday, before the Labor Day holiday. I know that Napoleon and his people left Chicago for a job opportunity in Indiana. If they had just disappeared, without explanation or the opportunity to say goodbye, I would have been tormented.

After all, Napoleon and his humans are homeless, living out of tent. So many things could have happened to the kitten, most of them cruel. And this little doll baby brought me a lot of joy, so I'm far happier imagining him with his people living indoors in Indiana.

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