Friday, June 16, 2017

After three years ...

Connie has lived with us for three years. Like most cats, she has her spots, her favorite places to hang out. You can usually find her on the window sill or in the kitty condo.

But just recently, after three years, she has discovered the most thrilling thing ...


That's where I keep the canvas and heavy plastic bags I take to the grocery store, and Connie has decided this makes the most delightful bed/perch. Being up there makes her so happy she literally sings and flips back and forth.

To make her more comfortable -- and, frankly, to protect the bags -- I've taken a little blanket and affixed it to the outside of the bag of bags.

I wish she could tell me what led her to jump from floor to counter to refrigerator. I suspect she was chasing a flying insect and got distracted by the amazing wonderfulness of those bags.

I'm happy to make her happy. She's really such a sweet cat.


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