Sunday, May 07, 2017

They didn't look like champions last night

The Cubs winning the World Series has changed my outlook. I used to be able to watch, even enjoy, sloppy games because I didn't see them as sloppy. I viewed them as an opportunity to watch my guys on a field of green, playing America's past time.

Saturday night's game against the Yankees was just a mess. Poorly pitched, badly fielded. (My God! KRIS BRYANT made an error!) It was such a bad game that Joe had our catcher, Miguel Montero, on the mound for the close so he didn't waste any more arms on a losing effort.

That last tidbit about Montero I read this morning. I couldn't watch to the end. When I wanted to reach for a drink to dull the agony, I reached for the remote.


Oh well, it's a 163-game season. Some are just going to suck. And my guys are still the defending Champions. To borrow from the old song, "No, no they can't take this away from me."

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  1. Yeah, the past 10 days have been rough! They really need to turn things around!


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