Sunday, April 16, 2017


I had kind of a grumpy day Saturday. I devoted three -- count 'em, THREE! -- hours on the phone, first to Comcast, then to Apple, trying to solve the Mystery of the Intermittent Internet. NOT how I wanted to spend my sunny Saturday!

So let's not concentrate on that. Instead, let's consider sights seen around town.

In honor of Easter, I dropped a bag of food off at the food pantry. Boxes of mac-and-cheese and Rice-a-Roni, tuna and jars of baby food. None of that would be on the menu for a festive holiday meal, but it's all stuff the average household can use. Besides, the volunteers wouldn't get it onto the shelves in time for Saturday's 9 till noon distribution.

On the way, I passed two individuals who had just picked up monthly allotment. They were both seniors. One was pushing his wire shopping cart in front of him, the other was pulling hers behind. I surreptitiously glanced into their bags. He had eggs on top, she had lettuce. It made me happy that the food pantry was able to distribute fresh foods in addition to canned and dry. But it made me sad that this is where they are at this stage in their lives. I saw my own mom in them. I wish that they had someone to send them a little money each month so that they wouldn't have to wait in line to "shop the pantry."

Later in the day, in front of my building, I ran into a girl and an older man. (Daughter and dad?) I believe she said her name was Katie. She was taking photo after photo of the building, which I must admit is really not very attractive. You wouldn't know it by her enthusiasm. The restored Grand Central Station wasn't photographed this extensively for Architecture Digest.

They just placed a bid on #307. It's a newly-renovated unit downstairs, laid out like mine but in much better shape. I don't know who paid for it, exactly. (Was he there as an advisor, as a roommate, or because he laid out the downpayment?) But she's definitely going to be living here.

I loved how different their questions were! She wanted to know if I thought it would be worth it to have a washer/dryer installed in her unit. (No, I'd prefer not to sacrifice the closet or counter space when we have a laundry room in the building.) He wanted to know if I heard the train all day and all night. (Yes, but as a woman who lives and alone and commutes, I find it comforting to have such a short, safe walk from train station to front door. This made him happy.) They both wanted to know about parking, which amused me. Whenever two or more people from this community get together, they complain about parking. So these two will fit right in.

I liked her spirit and her energy. And I'm jealous. There's so much I'd like to do to improve my home and she's moving into a freshly painted and redecorated place. Well, good for you, Katie. I hope you're happy here.


  1. I hope your tech issues are resolved.

    I added baby food and baby snacks to my shopping list to add to the donation box. :)

  2. I hope Katie and her companion are good neighbors!


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