Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are you disappointed in me, too?

From abc7chicago.com

More than 200,000* assembled in Grant Park for Saturday's Women's March Chicago. I was not one of them. I believe(d) that it's premature to protest Donald Trump on the first full day of his Presidency, before he had a chance to enact anything, and that such a display would further divide the country. You know, like when Mitch McConnell vowed to make Barack Obama a one-term President before #44 even put his hand on the Bible.

But I know women who went. Two here in Chicago, one in Michigan, two in DC and one in New York. (The woman in New York brought her year-old son, decked out in a onesie that says: "I'm a bad hombre, raised by a nasty woman.") I saw pictures of my church congregation participating.

And still I'm good with not going. I support these women and what they were marching for, but I insist on not being as bad as the Conservatives who vowed to block Barack Obama, no matter what, and gave us gridlock.

It seems, though, that I have disappointed people. Kathy and Nancy, particularly, were shocked (!) that I was not among the marchers.

It was a personal decision, one I'd arrived at after careful consideration. I still think it was right. For me.

The Trump Presidency has already exhausted me, and it hasn't been a week yet.

*Actually, I've heard 250,000. But I know how pissy the current administration is about crowd size, so I low-balled it.


  1. Ditto. Ditto ditto ditto. I've had the same reaction to not going by several friends who did go. They were shocked that I knit hats but didn't attend myself. Ditto.

  2. I feel you. I planned to go to our local rally, and changed my mind last minute. I just wanted to wait and see... five days later, here we go.

  3. I live in Western New York State. Our BIG city is Buffalo NY, I believe our count was 3,000 marchers including my niece and her two young children. The kids made their own signs, "Give Peace a Chance!"- which you love of course, and another that had a message about love everyone. If I were in a position to be able to march and be away from home for that amount of time, I don't think I would. Only because I assumed some deranged person who should not have been able to buy a gun did, and would use this as an opportunity to show trump how much he is loved. Paranoid? Maybe. But I am one of those voters who is riddled with fear for every aspect of my life due to "change it because I can" mentality. I am not disappointed in you! I don't think anyone is contained in New, including me. Someone had to keep the homefires burning and the now three cats fed!
    Sarah Kutter
    And wait! I was recently looking through my blog and found a very gracious comment from you! Thank you.


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