Sunday, December 11, 2016

Things improved as the day wore on

Saturday afternoon was a pretty average affair. I stocked up at the store because a snowstorm is predicted. I finally put my summer clothes away and dragged out the winter ones. Yawn.

Saturday night was our last movie group meetup of 2016. We saw My Reputation, an enjoyable enough Barbara Stanwyck soaper that takes place in Chicagoland and has Christmas and New Year's scenes. Not many people showed up -- every TV station's "storm team" was a little hysterical about the white stuff -- but in a way I prefer that because we had a better post-movie discussion. Our moderator, Will, loves these old films so much and knows so much about them. It's a pleasure to talk to him about his passion.

After the movie, Joanna and I went for drinks and wished one another a Merry Christmas as we watched the snow fall.

I am home and I'm happy. I feel like we have officially kicked off the holiday season.

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