Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Happy birthday to me, part 6

A box of books! My friend in Key West, Henry, now works at the library. He loves it. He loves being surrounded by fellow book lovers, loves the enhanced benefits, and loves the unexpected perk of free books. Once every quarter, they go through and pull books that haven't been checked out, not even once, in a long while. This way they have room on the shelves for new books, and they have something to sell at their book sale.

In preparation for the book sale, which was last Saturday, Henry asked if he could check out the books and pull some for me. The result was two biographies of Ted Kennedy, a New Yorker collection of cat cartoons, and a 2003 book about how women have helped shaped American history.

I love hardcover books and was happy to get such a thoughtful gift that really only cost him the price of postage (media mail, at that).  And Connie loved the big box it came in as only a nest-making girlcat can.


  1. What fun! For both you and Connie!

  2. That's a great gift! And very thoughtful, too.


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