Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday 9

The Last Time I Saw Him

1) In this song, Miss Ross sings of a tender farewell at the bus station. When did you last say goodbye to someone at an airport, dock, train or bus station? The last time I said "goodbye" at the airport, I was waving to my niece before entering Muskegon County Airport. Only two commercial flights take off, and two flights arrive, each day from this tiny airport. All go to O'Hare. I'm told that charters often fly from Muskegon to Vegas, too.

MKG-ORD or ORD-MKG. That's it.

2) Continuing with the theme of "lasts," who received the last gift you gave? I gave an expectant coworker a swaddle blanket and a little t-shirt that says, "Ciao!"

3) Who last did you a favor? I'm sooooo not tech savvy, and one of my coworkers helped me out with a file.

4) What's the last thing you dropped or broke? I lost the TV remote control under my bed this morning. Does that count?

5) What's the last thing you borrowed or lent? I can't think of anything.

6) When is the last time you danced? I do clumsy little dance steps all the time as I sing with the radio or TV.

7) When were you last nervous? Waiting for my friend Barb. We were at the hospital, where her husband's condition was being diagnosed. I knew she would be upset, and I was afraid I wouldn't be up to the task of comforting her. I held her and let her cry and offered to stay with her. Beyond that, I'm not sure there's anything else I could do.

8) What was your last DIY project? I put my cell back together with Scotch tape.

9) When did you last check your horoscope? Was it accurate? Years and years ago. It probably wasn't accurate or I would have continued reading it.


  1. Love your DIY project! Sounds like my kind of project. lol

    That tiny airport looks bigger than the one here in our town, but Spirit Airline flies several flights a day out of it to many destinations. Can't figure out why they canceled the Vegas one, though. It was very popular and always booked.

  2. You did the best possible thing you could do for your friend -- you were THERE. That's more important than having the right thing to say -- because there IS no "right thing to say." You were a good friend

  3. Geesh...even our hillbilly airport here has 5 flights a day. 4 to O'hare when they don't get cancelled due to not filling the plane. I'm still grateful for those 5 flights though.

  4. BTW- I am proudly sporting my Cubs license plate holder on my car to all for all of those Cardinal fans here to enjoy :)

  5. I wish I was a graceful dancer. I'm kind of like Elaine from Seinfeld.

  6. #7,,,that is exactly what your friend needed. The best thing is to just be there for a friend in need. Listen and be present. Hugs are good.

  7. I am glad to know scotch tape will fix a cell phone.

  8. That's a very MacGyver thing to do to fix your phone. ;-)

    Your friend will always feel grateful for that moment when she had you there to help her through such terrible news.

    We have such huge airports here, but there are two airfields where smaller planes can land. Unfortunately, you can't get anything that takes you even several hundred miles.

  9. I am glad that your airport has the same number of planes coming and going, I hate to have all these planes stuck at the airport. :)
    I hope you friend's husband is OK, that it was nothing serious.
    Also I posted about my trip to NYC


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