Saturday, October 08, 2016

October Challenge -- Day 8

Today's October Daily Prompt: Witchcraft

I loved this so much that, after I finally had to return it to the school library (there was a limit to how many times we could renew a book) that my parents actually ordered it for me from the local bookstore. That was a big deal! My dad hated driving me anywhere, and yet we all piled into the car and, before dinner at The Gourmet Restaurant (that's what it was called), we stopped at the bookstore across the street. A copy was waiting for me behind the counter. My name was held to the book with a rubberband. I felt terribly special and grown up.

The book is about a witch whose broom breaks on a smalltown, human street and she ends up being adopted by a smalltown, human family who has a daughter her age and a cat named Itchabody. I especially remember Itchabody (not Ichabod).

I'm happy to report it's still in print. If there's a first or second grade girl in your life, you may want to pick up a copy.

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  1. What fun!! Something tells me you don't have to be in grade school to enjoy it!


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