Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Challenge -- Day 15

Today's October Daily Prompt: Warm and Cozy

I love this "warm and cozy" photo of little Connie. It was shortly after she moved in -- you can tell because she's still squinting, as we had yet to get her conjunctivitis under control. But it did my heart good to see her so happy and relaxed.

This little girl had a tough time before she joined this household. She'd been kept by a well meaning but completely inept hoarder. When turned in to the shelter, she was emaciated, yet carrying a litter of stillborn kittens. Her breath was terrible because of the bad diet she'd been subsisting on. And bright lights (like a camera flash) caused her discomfort.

But in no time she was one of the clan. She was affectionate with dear old Joe and is an energetic playmate for Reynaldo. And just look how she made herself at home!


  1. The only game show that I watch once in a great while is Jeopardy.

  2. Ah, sweet little Connie! She's a lucky girl to have found you. I enjoyed reading your answeres today!


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