Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hmmmm ....

Saturday I had my regularly scheduled, once-every-two-years appointment with my gyne. While naturally I didn't leave with my test results, he told me everything in his jurisdiction looks normal.

He asked me what else was going on, healthwise. I told him. C. diff ... thinning hair ... fatigue ... vision change ... He and my GP are in the same practice so he has access to all my test results and saw that diabetes and thyroid disease were eliminated. He suggested that -- if the medicated shampoo doesn't work -- my GP and I discuss autoimmune diseases.

Last time I spoke to my GP, she thought these things were all unrelated. She suspects my fatigue is a result of sleep apnea and my hair loss is some sort of fungal infection.

We'll keep trying things her way for a while. But after January 1, I think I'm going to consult an endocrinologist.


  1. I saw a REALLY good endo at Northwestern last year. I'll have to find her name, but if you want it let me know!!

  2. At my upcoming appointment, I plan to get into a real discussion about the effects of menopause. Blah.


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