Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Queen's Meme

 The Hodgepodge Meme

1. Do you have a favorite chair in your home? The dining room chair nearest the kitchen. Why is it your favorite place to sit? Location, location, location.

2. You've been given a billboard space on the highway of life. What is the ONE word you'd place on the billboard to describe your life right now? HUH? (I understand the question; that's the one word I'd choose.)

3. Do you own a string of pearls? Nope.

4.  Whose initials would you carve on a tree? I don't think I would. I carved my initials in a picnic table and it took me for freaking ever. Not as easy at it looks.

5.  Could you go without your cellphone for an entire day? Sure. I often forget to charge it, which leaves me without it. I left it in a restaurant once, so I had to go phone-free overnight.

6.  If you could pre-install an app on every human being born today, what would that built-in app be? What Jennifer Aniston famously referred to as "The Sensitivity Chip."


  1. I love your billboard answer. Suits me as well, especially when Mercury Retrograde kicks in (which seems to happen often it seems) and I wonder the same thing. Huh? Great answer.

    Yes, a sensitivity chip would solve mucho problems in the world. I hope she uses that chip during the Brangelina drama. You know the media won't!

    I appreciate that you took the time to play my meme today, especially given your own meme obligations. At least you completed the meme you wrote. I was so busy this weekend that I posted questions and didn't answer them. LOL I think the moment has passed. But there's always next week.

    And lastly, as peace season approaches, my heart is warmed when I see peace blogger logos in the sidebars of blogs. Yes! Thank you. See you later, Gal.

  2. That sensitivity app does seem to be missing in lots of people. I would toss in a respect app too. Cute meme!!


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