Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

Who was the last person that you held hands with? My nephew. We squeezed hands when we said goodbye last night because I didn't want to embarrass him. (He's a high school junior; everything embarrasses him.)
Are you loud, outgoing or shy? Yes. I'm very chirpy and extroverted in public. Then I go home and collapse into my shell.
Who are you looking forward to see? Alexander Hamilton! We've got our tickets for the Broadway hit, Hamilton, and will be in the audience on the second night it's here in town.
Are you easy to get along with? I think I am. But my sisters would tell you otherwise.
Have you ever given up on someone, only to let them back into your life? Why? Yes. Because I have no common sense when it comes to l'amour. 
If you were ill, which TV doctor or nurse would you want to take care of you?
How could you help but feel better when this man is tending to you?
Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? No.

Who was the last person that you had serious conversation with? My nephew.
What was the last text message you received about? My friend John was teasing me, as is his wont. I shot him a message about our friend Mindy. Her mother died and I knew John would want to know. John tweaked me with: "... and? You left off Go, Cubs." OK, so I am a little over the top with my Cubbie love these days. Gloriously guilty as charged! (Go Cubs!)
Do you believe in luck and/or miracles? Not intellectually. But emotionally? Yes.
What good thing happened this summer? How I love this Cub team!

Let's look at this again.

Convince us why we should or should not believe in life on other planets? No. Sorry, but I don't feel like doing science this morning.
Who was your first crush on? Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza. But that crush made sense. So this morning I'll humiliate myself by sharing one of my most powerful, yet stupid, crushes.

Favorite part of daily routine? Feeding the cats. I love seeing them so healthy.
Do you like your neighbors? Depends on the neighbor. There are 24 units in this building. We're a very mixed bag.
What’s your worst feature? Right now, my complexion. My chin looks like a relief map of the moon.

Have you ever had trust issues? Yes


  1. It looks like we'll be sharing a doctor! I always loved Hawkeye. He was the perfect blend of funny and caring.

  2. Hawkeye would have been my second choice! I enjoyed your SS today! I'm excited to have tickets for 42nd Street, in January. It will be my 4th time seeing it on stage. I love the taps!!

  3. Joe Cartwright - good choice. I hope you enjoy Hamilton. I think PBS is showing it something later this year - I marked it on my calendar (or hope I did).


  5. When I started reading that answer, I thought you were talking about the actual Alexander H.. I have a few questions for that guy, in the sweet Bye and Bye.

    Sweet about your nephew. Jr. Hi. is so full of Monsters with big teeth. It's one of the hardest ages and set of grades to get through.

    Oh yes, "Go Cubs!" You and another friend who lives in Chicago are BIG time fans and you both lept to mind when all the news started pouring out about the Cubbies.

  6. I stand with Kwizgiver in total envy of your tickets. Waaah.

    Also, good call on doing science before lunch. ;)