Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Gal's Meme, Part One

Ha! I own the weekend blogosphere, don't I?

What’s your favorite word or phrase? "Gubernatorial." It's just fun to say. And living in Illinois, where two of our last three governors have ended up behind bars, newscasters unfortunately have many opportunities to use it. Generally "gubernatorial" is followed by "misconduct."

Tell us about a person who made you smile today. It's still early so I haven't had any real-life human interaction yet today. But the local weather man made me smile. It's not going to be that hot today.
What were you doing at 8 am this morning? It's not 8:00 yet. But I will be watching Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. I appreciate his brains, his enthusiasm, and his ability to keep the big picture in clear focus.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Feeding the cats. Reynaldo has a special diet that Connie shouldn't eat, so their breakfast requires vigilance.

What is your favorite holiday? Why? Thanksgiving. Since my mother's passing, I've been spending it with my friend, John. It's always such a warm, relaxing, delicious evening, and a great way to officially kick off the holiday season.

Tell us about a visit to another country. The mug on my counter, where I keep the quarters for my laundry, is a memento from the Hofbrauhaus Munchen. I took my one and only trip to Europe when I was in my late teens.

What is the last thing you said aloud? "Connie!"

What was the last thing you had to drink? A glass of milk

What are you wearing right now? An oversized t-shirt that wear as pajamas.

What was the last thing you ate? Last night, I had a handful of Saltines before bed. 

Have you bought any new clothing items this week? Nope.

When was the last time you ran? HA!

What’s the last sporting event you watched? The Cubs beat Oakland As ass Saturday afternoon. Look at those standings.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? If this was an all-expenses-paid trip, I'd take my nephew to Washington DC. He so wants to go, and I'd love to show it to him. But right now, I can't afford it.

Who is the last person you sent a comment/message to on Facebook? My friend, Chuck. I wondered what was up in the continuing saga of White Sox pitcher Chris Sale.

Ever go camping? If yes, tell us about one time. The last time I went camping was about 15 years ago. My niece -- who just graduated from college -- was in first grade. Her mother had just had a baby so I was drafted to play "Brownie Mom" on her first-ever overnight with her troop. I was fascinated by how trusting the little girls were. They'd never seen me before, and yet since I was in the role of "Mom," I had to be OK. I remember sitting down on a bench and this little foot suddenly appeared on my thigh. This wee one didn't know how to tie her own shoe, I was an adult, why not press me into service?

Do you think a tan improves your looks? No. All a tan means to me is more wrinkles and perhaps a mole that will need to be lopped off.

Have you ever lost anything down a toilet? Well, not literally. But I have had to dispose of things that I dropped in the bowl and didn't think I could disinfect properly. Does that count?

I'll take the one on left, please.
What is your guilty pleasure? 1960s-era TV westerns. Especially Bonanza and The Big Valley. The cowboys were all so handsome and good and true. Sigh.


  1. Oh, how I loved The Big Valley!

  2. I still watch Bonanza occasionally. The sets seem really out of place sometimes, but I always enjoy it.

  3. Wrinkles & tans DO go together! It is your weekend (and next as well) to shine! Thanks for the many assists...

  4. Are we sure it shouldn't be goober-natorial? ;)

  5. This state, I swear. If it weren't for the Cubs, I'd suggest we lose it down the toilet! :-)

  6. Brownies are the most adorable critters. As a senior scout, I was able to go on a few trips with the wee Brownies. They didn't, however, call me Mom. How sweet!

    Two of the last Three? Yikes! I thought Schwarzenegger was crook enough to go to prison for some in-office stuff he pulled, but,*sighs*, alas. Actors!


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