Sunday, August 21, 2016

Feeling virtuous this morning

Yesterday, after lunch with my nephew, I didn't take a cab* home. Instead I walked to the high school and took the Saturday bus home.

•  This cost $1.75, vs. $12 to $20 in car fare
•  It had me hoofing it for more than a mile and a half, and at a nice clip
•  I traveled the same route I took when I was a high school student, 45 years ago, and I was surprised by how clearly I remembered it.

My favorite part of this journey, though, took place at the bus stop. I was waiting with a woman who told me she was 64 years old and spoke to me as though I was much, much younger. I am so not. (I'm 58.) This made me happy.

Now I'd just had my hair done. I was dressed in jeans in a t-shirt. My glasses were dark and obscured my face somewhat. But still, to be viewed as "a kid" by a peer made me happy.

*or Uber or Lyft

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  1. That would have made me happy too!


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