Sunday, April 24, 2016

It's a gift to be gotten

By "gotten" I mean understood.

I've got a lot of emotional "stuff"going on. Mainly I'm wrestling with news about Connie and the radio silence from Barb.

•  With Connie, I'm trying to be a responsible, vigilant guardian while still living in and enjoying the moment.

•  With Barb, I'm trying to balance her need for privacy right now with letting her know she has my support.

I have financial issues, too. And work is more roller-coastery than is comfortable. And ... and ... and ... I'm trying to stay positive and face forward. (After all, I've got the Cubs!)

And right now, it's good to know how heavily I can lean on my oldest friend. She knows me so well, knows my history, knows I need to laugh and be distracted and knows just how to do it.

She has shit going on in her own life. She always does. She's one of those people who lives in perpetual chaos.

But she's able to put it aside for me right now, and I treasure her for it. I just wish she was here. I won't see her until late summer. I can't wait!

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  1. I had breakfast with my bestie last week and I know just what you mean about being gotten. We talked for hours.


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