Friday, April 15, 2016

Is this for real?

Friday reflections:

•  This week the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks twice and the Reds three times. No losses. Yes, they're down by three right now (top of the 6th), but with this team and their big bats, I'm not counting them out. As Jake Arrieta's shirt proudly proclaims, they are good.

•  Looking back on my week, I can't recalling scolding Reynaldo once. He's gotten more cuddly in his old age (he turned 12 this month), taking Joey's spot beside me on the futon. He's still eating well, and he and Connie indulge in a little nightly rough house. As long as his appetite and social instincts are strong, I suppose I shouldn't worry. But this is the first week in memory that I haven't yelled at him for knocking the photos off the shelf or the paperwork off the table, or chased him into or out of the bedroom, or pleaded with him to please shut up.

The Cubs are winning and Reynaldo is behaving. Wow. I believe I have everything I've always wanted!


  1. I wish my dad was alive to watch this season. I know you know he loved the Cubbies, but did you know that he watched every game since he was retired? He only missed one when he went out to sing at a piano bar. Although he did Tivo them to watch when he got home...

  2. An alternate reality? Too funny!


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