Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Well, that was a first ... and second

I wrote up my holiday cards last night* and found myself inscribing two of them the way I never, ever thought I would:

Enjoy your first Christmas as Grandma and Grandpa!

Because I do the cards alphabetically, the first one went to an old boyfriend. His oldest, a daughter, gave birth earlier this year to a baby girl they named Fiona. It's always made me happy that this ex and I have managed to stay in touch. He's a good and decent man and his esteem is important to me.

The second went to my old boss, Ed. His only child, a daughter whose leukemia is in remission, just had a baby boy a few weeks ago. Ed is over the moon delighted. Not only does he love being a grandpa, he's thrilled that his daughter is healthy. So scribbling that mention of "Grandpa" on the card made me especially happy.

But here's the thing: My friends are becoming grandparents!

Oh well, as Petula Clark used to sing (and I am certainly old enough to quote Petula Clark), "It's a sign of the times."

*After all, Hanukkah begins Sunday


  1. My SISTERS are grandmothers! It doesn't seem possible!

  2. I love being a grandmother! It's way better than being a mom.


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