Friday, September 04, 2015

September Challenge -- Day 4

Where would you like to go? I have two answers to this question ...

First, what I thought this morning when I first read it. I want to get away! I want to wake up in a hotel room. I want to eat a big breakfast someone else made. I want to wander streets where no one knows me. I want to have an adventure. I want to learn something. I'm thinking of going Presidential. Maybe to the Lincoln Library in Springfield. Or the Truman Library in Independence. Whatever's cheapest.

Then, what I thought of when I sat down to answer. I want some peanuts and Crack-er Jack. I don't care if ever get back! So if I'm going to escape, I better wait until after the season is over. I can't be away from this Cub team for a moment.

Want to play along? Click here for the day's question.

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