Thursday, August 13, 2015

It does a body good

My 11:00 meeting ran long, of course. (Meetings with Christine the Mole always do.) I didn't have time to do my full workout -- 10 minutes of floor exercise or machines and 20 minutes on the bike. Normally I would then blow off exercise and go to lunch.

For some reason, though, yesterday I went over to the health club anyway and just did the 20 minutes on the bike. Though I kept my heart rate over 100 the whole time, I didn't work up a major sweat and was able to just give myself a little sponge bath before getting dressed and returning to the office in time for my next meeting. Because I didn't exert myself, I wasn't sure the workout had been worth it.

It was! I felt so much better all afternoon. I've got to remember that doing something is better than doing nothing when it comes to exercise.

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