Friday, June 12, 2015


I can't get enough of this story. It's so jaw-droppingly dramatic I can barely believe it's real.

More than a week ago, two very bad men broke out of a maximum security prison. Using power tools to cut through a steel wall. The cheeky bastards even left a Post-It note for their erstwhile captors that said, "Have a nice day." And then they crawled through a series of tunnels until they emerged on the outside ... through a manhole cover. C'mon now, tell me this doesn't sound like a 1980s action movie.

Except John McLane was a very good man
The thing of it is, once they emerged from the manhole cover, their plan fell apart. Because their ride didn't show up. So they've been scraping by -- probably in the rural area right outside the prison. In the rain. Possibly eating out of garbage cans.

Now today a 51-year-old woman who worked in the prison tailor shop has been arraigned for helping the two very bad men. Because one of the men made her feel "special," she somehow managed to provide them with hacksaw blades and lighted goggles. On the day of the break, she checked herself into a hospital because of "extreme nerves." Law enforcement suspects she was supposed to be waiting for them when they came up through the manhole cover, but she got extreme cold feet.

Her name is Joyce Mitchell. I swear I knew what she'd look like before they released her photo. Though I was surprised to learn that she has a husband instead of a house full of cats.

While I'm riveted, and am casting the movie in my head, I do pray this comes to a peaceful resolution. I especially hope no hostages are taken pr law enforcement officers injured when these two very bad men are inevitably apprehended.

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  1. I agree. Hopefully there'll be a peaceful resolution to all this. I have to wonder what's going through her husband's head right now.


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