Saturday, June 06, 2015

He was a champ!

Who's a good boy? Rey-Rey is a good boy!

He had his annual check up and he's not only healthy (thank God), he was completely agreeable about the entire experience. He was not at all resistant to the carrier and we saved cabfare by walking all the way to and from the vet. He seemed to enjoy being out in the sunshine. He was responsive and friendly to the vet and the techs who examined him.

He's been far more quiet today than usual. I think the shock of being outdoors -- a rarity for this indoor-only cat -- and being handled by new people tuckered him out. Maybe I'll have to take him to the park on summer Saturdays. I can read and he can watch the leaves and the squirrels and the people from his carrier.


  1. Glad to hear he's in top shape!

  2. He might like that, and it's a nice idea for both of you!


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