Sunday, February 08, 2015

What I was reading in the Spring of 1986

I locked myself in the den and spent an hour going through my books. I am parting with three bags full of paperbacks and hardcovers. Sigh. I hate doing it.

In concept, that is. In reality, it's not so hard.

Take, for example, Martina Navritalova's 1985 autobiography. I don't care much about Russia,* nor have I been interested in tennis since Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe retired. Yet for some reason, I bought and read this book. I found the ATM receipt and Burger King coupons -- which expired in September, 1986 -- that I used as bookmarks.

Judging by the bookmarks, I did plough through it. But I remember nothing about it and will never read it again. And so it's off to Goodwill. With bags and bags of others.

I have more books to go through. And then there are the audiobooks. But I'm done for tonight. What I've put aside is already too much for the bus and will require a $12 cab ride. I promised myself I'd take one bag of stuff over to Goodwill every month in 2015, and this is one resolution I'll make good on.

*Sorry, but I never have. I have a very American-centric world view.


  1. Progress!!! Book weeding is difficult. Which is one more thing I love about my Nook.

  2. Excellent! Kwiz is right, that it's hard to let go of books, but some just don't fit in our lives anymore. Maybe some Navritalova fan will be delighted with that book.
    Also echoing Kwiz, it's yet another reason I *love* my Kindle.

  3. Good for you!!! Bravo bravo bravissimo.

    Except, you know, Martina's Czech. :-)

    You should find at the library the book The Last Tsar. It's a lovely coffee table book about the last years of Russian royalty and you can just "read" the pictures.


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