Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thursday Thirteen #231

Thirteen Things about Zynga

... because I was wondering about the company responsible for where I spend so much of time online.

1) Zynga is the online developer responsible for some of social media's most popular games.

2) More than 400 million people have played Farmville and/or Farmville 2 (I'm one of them; Level 96).

3) According to Zynga, more than 55 million matches of Words with Friends are being played at any given moment.

4) Founder Marc Pincus named his company after his late and much missed bulldog, who graces the company logo.

5) The company is headquartered in a six story building in San Francisco.

6) In addition to health and life insurance, employees enjoy free meals all day long.

7) Every day is "bring your dog to work day" and there's a dog park on the building roof.

8) Employees are encouraged to take public transportation to work and are reimbursed dollar for dollar for their BART fares.

9) If they drive, they can use the onsite car wash.

10) Despite all these perks, some employees complain that there is little room for advancement at Zynga. Of course, I think it's fair to say that any big company is going to have its share of anonymous, disgruntled employees.

11) Zynga also has smaller offices in Austin, Chicago, Eugene, New York, Orlando and San Francisco. 

12) Their chief, and more successful, competitor is King, the company who gave us Candy Crush Saga.

13) Zynga's stock fell in the fourth quarter of 2013. Experts blame that on the difficulty the company has had converting it's most popular games from desktop mobile apps. For companies like Zynga and King, mobile now represents 60% of their business (I only play on laptop).

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  1. I haven't heard of this company, but I don't play online games much either. Our puppy would love to go to work every day :)

  2. Zynga makes Words with Friends? That's huge. I know so many people who play that, but I didn't know anything about Zynga until your post and now I know something. Thanks.

  3. I had to quit Farmville cold turkey. I was obsessing about my crops when I should have been working at school.

  4. My mom is a gaming ADDICT.... I'm fairly certain we will find her in a chair in a catatonic state with her fingers glued to the keyboard at one point. She had a farm.... that was INSANE on farmville... meaning HOLY HELL how much time have you spent on there! LOL

  5. My version of Words with Friends went blooey and I had to stop playing. I have not played Farmville but I have friend who do; apparently it takes a lot of time. I appreciated this information. Very interesting and informative.

  6. I had never heard of it. Not much of an online game playing. I like their name.


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