Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thursday Thirteen #230


1) "Would you prefer smoking or non-smoking?"

2) "Do you have a pay phone?"

3) "The Walkman ate my cassette tape."

4) "The picture tube blew."

5) "I got this with Green Stamps."

6) "Be kind. Rewind."

7) "Operator, get me the police."

8) "I can use a paperclip to eject that floppy."

9) "Here comes the milk man."

10) "I need a new needle for the record player."

11)  "Adjust the rabbit ears."

12) "I have to defrost the freezer."

13) "I hate how it tastes to lick a stamp."

Can you add any more?

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  1. Fill 'er up, mister, and could you wash the windshield and check the oil?

    Let's put on an 8-track!

    Let me put a 45 on the record player.

    Great list for TT!

  2. We used to work in a pub. I must have answered that payphone question thousands of times!

  3. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I'm a dinosaur.

  4. memories growing up

  5. Sock it to me! I used to love collecting green stamps. Now I say, "I got it at the thrift store."

  6. Regular or Unleaded?

    Hmmm. Can't think of anymore at the moment, but I'll stop back if another comes to mind. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  7. You do hear #1 at hotels. And my workplace DOES have a pay phone--but no one has change!

    Also, we own two record players. Hadn't thought about what to do when the needles go out. *And* we have a freezer that needs defrosting regularly.

    Here's one for your list:
    "Hon, would you get up and change the TV channel to 5."


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