Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Lucky Star (1983)

1. Have you ever wished upon a star? No. I've tossed a small fortune mint into fountains as I made wishes, but I've never wished upon a star.

2. In the 1980s, Madonna considered her wrist bangles one of her fashion trademarks. What's one of your fashion trademarks? I wear a lot of blue. So much, in fact, that one of my friends used to begin our phone conversations by asking, "which blue shirt are you wearing today?"

3. Though she got good grades, Madonna could be disruptive at school, known for turning cartwheels in the halls between classes. Can you do a cartwheel? Nope.

4. Her high grade point average earned her a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, home of the Wolverines. Do you follow college football? Nope.

Happy to see LuAnn and Margo are still roomies
5. Madonna co-starred in the movie version of Dick Tracy. Do you enjoy comics? When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I used to read Apartment 3G every day in the paper while I rode the train. I don't recall why I stopped.

6. She played Argentinian First Lady Eva Peron in the biopic, Evita and directed a movie about Wallis Simpson. What famous 20th century woman do you wish you could meet/could have met? That would, of course, be my all-time idol, JBKO. According to rumor (and there is no shortage of rumors regarding this lady), she couldn't stand Madonna, either.

7. Madonna authored a children's book called The English Roses. Tell us about a book that had a big impact on you when you were a kid. Charlotte's Web.

8. One of Madonna's "vocal idols" is Ella Fitzgerald. Who is your all-time favorite female singer? Streisand.

9. Madonna once did a Pepsi commercial. What beverages are in your refrigerator right now? Coke, Dr. Pete (the Sodastream version of Dr. Pepper), 2% milk



  1. Jackie O would be a good one to meet, yes. She lived quite a life.

  2. I considered Jackie O, because she fascinates me and I've learned so much about her through YOU!

  3. Dr. Pete made me laugh for some reason. I didn't even think of Jackie O - Good choice!
    Charlotte's Web is another good one.

  4. Dr. Pete made me laugh for some reason. I didn't even think of Jackie O - Good choice!
    Charlotte's Web is another good one.

  5. I stopped reading newspaper comics when we quit subscribing to a news paper. We didn't have time to read them and they would stack up unopened. Mr BC now subscribes to the local paper.

  6. I wonder what Jackie would be like if she were still alive. Actually, I wonder about Marilyn all the time too.

  7. JBKO when to school in the next town over at Miss Porter's

  8. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I wear a lot of blue, too, although one wouldn't be able to tell looking at my wardrobe--lots of reds and purples in there--but i like all my blue clothes the best, so they get the most wear.


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