Monday, December 22, 2014

At least Joey is fine

Before I went to Vegas last month, my bedframe broke.

Yesterday, the day before I leave for Key West, I found myself starring in Return of the Drain Flies. I spent Sunday afternoon and evening dousing the kitchen drain with baking soda and boiling water, but the flies just keep on coming. I'll continue doing it until I leave. Then I'll pour organic drain cleaner down the pipe* and seal it off. Hopefully when I come back after Christmas, I will find a holiday miracle.

The good news is, though, I won't be worrying too much about my Joey cat. He's his old happy self. Naturally, every day when I come home to my 18 year old cat I'm relieved to see that he's OK. I mean, I know one day he won't be. But I leave for Florida knowing he's in good shape for a feline senior citizen.

While my home is still a sty, outwardly, for some reason on Sunday morning I was inspired to organize one of my kitchen cabinets. It felt good to throw so much crap away, and to realize how much stuff I have in there I forgot about (like I don't need to buy aluminum foil or Lysol for a while). Let's hope that I feel similarly motivated next week. Maybe I can make a dent in the clutter around here!

* It's called Earthworm. I worry about the damage the more corrosive drain cleaners do to my old pipes. The thing of it is, it needs to be used consistently every night for five-six nights and I simply can't do that right now.


  1. Drain problems--blah! I hope it works itself out soon.

    And I'm relieved that Joey is doing well.

  2. Those drain flies are ANNOYING as hell! We had them in the summer and they drove me crazy!

    I'll make a note of what you're using. Good luck with that.

    YEY for Joey!


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