Monday, November 03, 2014

Happy to stand in line

Yesterday was the last day of early voting in my neighborhood, and I'm happy to report there was a line. At 2:00 on a sunny Sunday afternoon! Yea!

It's difficult to describe just how hostile and ugly our gubernatorial race has become. Remember, this is Chicago, where politics is a contact sport under the best circumstances. Post George Ryan, post Blago, these are not the best circumstances. I mean, the state is broke, the joblessness rate is sky high, guns are a plague and both parties have been revealed as corrupt.* And these two candidates, Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner, really seem to dislike each other.

But it's important. It matters. As both a moral and practical matter, everyone should be informed, everyone should vote. That's why I was so heartened to see citizens willing to weigh through the sludge and cast their ballots.

I voted for Pat Quinn. I'm not a big fan, and it was a decision I didn't come to easily. But for all his problems (and he has many), he's one-size-fits-all. His opponent, Bruce Rauner, sounds like a smart businessman and might make wise fiscal decisions, but he's pro-choice/pro-marriage equality up here in liberal Cook County, but more of a typical RWNJ when he's addressing groups in more conservative downstate IL. So I went with Quinn. It'll be close. I wonder if we'll know who our governor is by Wednesday morning.

*After reading that sentence, I wonder why anyone wants to be Illinois governor.


  1. I voted last week, and I'm glad I had the option. The crowds at the polling place make me very skittish.

  2. I'll be voting tomorrow. I like to go on election day if I can. Like trick-or-treating on Halloween, or fireworks ON the 4th of July (not the 5th or the 3rd). I hope our turnout is as good as yours! Rhode Island's got a couple of hotly contested races this year (Mayor of Prov. and Governor).

  3. We also voted early, and I also felt happy to see that there were plenty of other people there. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed by our gubernatorial election, but not surprised.


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