Saturday, November 01, 2014

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

"Every day for 30 days, celebrate what you're grateful for, corresponding to the theme of the day."

Day #1 -- Home

I am grateful that my home is affordable. Back in 2001, when I bought this place, I was encouraged to spend more. Banks were very enthusiastic lenders back then. I settled on a 2BR/1BA condo because, well, I'm just one person. When the bottom fell out of the economy, I was very glad I'd been conservative.

I'm also very grateful for its location. I'm minutes away from the movie theater and my church. My work commute is 45 mins. door-to-door.

My home and me, we're a good fit.


  1. saves on utilities too...

  2. Just how it should be! I'm glad for you :)


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