Sunday, October 05, 2014

Two clean floors

I devoted part of today to my bathroom and kitchen floors. Both were filthy. I also did all the dishes in the sink and scrubbed the bathtub.

I think I must be the world's worst housekeeper.


  1. ha ha...i doubt that :0)

  2. I can give ya a run for yer money.

  3. It seems you have plenty of competition (including me!).

    I really REALLY hate cleaning floors, so good on ya for doing TWO of the worst in any house.

  4. I think about half the world thinks they're the world's worst housekeeper - myself included. Floors are just one of my "save for later" chores. Well done!

  5. I was just in my kitchen, noticing the dirt and cheerios under the edges of my cabinets. Trust me. You're NOT. LOL


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