Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Their last hurrah

The amazing young men of Jackie Robinson West spent Labor Day at Wrigley Field, strengthening their hold on our hearts.

Before the game, the Little League National champions toured the clubhouse and sat in the dugout, wearing official Cub jerseys while the Cubs wore their shirts. (Here's Vabuena meeting with the kids.) Then they walked along the ivy, letting the Wrigley faithful cheer them. They sang the stretch, too.

That was yesterday. Today they take the Safe Passage back to school. That's a phrase I hope you never hear in your town. Safe Passage Routes are supervised by parents, volunteers and the police to help children get to and from school without being shot.

I'm not kidding. Here's the official site.

That's how bad gun violence is in the south and west side. And that's where these fine kids are from. This is how they live. No wonder they are our heroes.


  1. After reading about Safe Passage, I will not bitch about my commute. Unless there's poor weather.

  2. That's very bad.

    Gang violence: One of my daughters was attacked in Phili and had her face slashed in three places with a broken bottle because she and her sister were walking in the wrong place after dark with an Italian friend.


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