Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday 9

1) The lyrics mention his respect for "90 proof and Marlboro Red." What was your most recent drink? When was your last cigarette? Cranberry juice and vodka/never

2)  They also reference "singing like crazy fools." What's the last song you sang? "She's Gone" along with Hall and Oates on my shower radio.

3) Blake Shelton won a Grammy for his performance of this song. Crazy Sam won the award for "most improved bowler" when she was in third grade, and it's now in a closet somewhere. Do you have any trophies? If so, where are they? No trophies. Projects I've worked on have won industry awards, but the companies I worked for got the hardware.

4) Blake is currently on tour. The merchandise sold at concerts brings in big money for the artist. Do you have any tour memorabilia (like a poster or t-shirt)? Lots. I'm having a quilt made from some of them.

5) In addition to The Voice, Shelton is on TV a lot with his Pizza Hut commercials. What chain restaurant is nearest your home? Do you eat there? Subway, and I go there very seldom. It's so easy to make a sandwich I can't see paying someone else to do it.

6) Shelton has a million-seller CD called Cheers! It's Christmas! What's the first Christmas carol to pop into your head this hot summer Saturday? "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful"

7) Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married in front of 550 guests. Do you enjoy weddings? Not really

8) The wedding took place on a big Texas ranch. Have you spent much time on a farm or a ranch? No

9) In 2013 he helped organize a relief benefit concert for victims of the Oklahoma tornados. Tell us about a charity you support. The last one I wrote a check to is Planned Parenthood. I like thinking about a world where every woman is healthy and every child is wanted.


  1. Oh--I love Hall & Oates!

  2. Don't you think it will be Christmas soon enough without starting caroles now? :)

  3. So I obviously misread the question. I shoulda had more caffeine...

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    that is a nice thought, your last answer. i see far too many that aren't, unfortunately.

    ooh! new earworm! "she's gone oh why oh why what went wrooooong..."

  5. I support Planned Parenthood, too. I love your idea of a quilt from concert memorabilia. Great way to make use of it.

  6. I like the idea of a quilt - God knows I have enough t-shirts! Great idea!

  7. I once wrote a check to PP and I was bombarded with emails and letters asking for money. They had sold my name and address to similar organizations I think.

  8. We share the same drink... a Cape Codder

  9. Oooh, I love those T-shirt quilts! That was Sparky's graduation gift from high school, but I kind of want to do one for myself. Time to clean out the dresser! Post a picture when yours is done.


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