Friday, August 29, 2014

36 is a dangerous age

My cousin Rose has a theory: Men are at their most attractive in their mid-thirties. When we were 15, we thought men in their mid-thirties were the most attractive. Now that we're AARP members, we still find ourselves looking at men in their mid-thirties.

Upon further reflection, I've narrowed it down to age 36. That's when men are hottest. Here are four attractive men who were sizzling at 36.

Redford 1973
Sir Paul 1978
Brosnan 1989
Clooney 1996
The research was grueling, but my readers deserve no less.

You're welcome.


  1. This reminds me of an ongoing conversation my bestie and I have: guys v. men. I think what you've got here are men, but there's a point in their early to mid-20s when guys are just gorgeous, full of youth and possibilities. Then they either turn into men or they stop and try to hang on to 20-something well past 36.

    But I thank you for your rigorous and continuing research. ;-)

  2. In some ways, I agree especially with the fine examples you provided. Two of my all-time hotties made your post (Robert and George). The actual age I recently (self)determined was hottest to me is 42-46. As examples, I provide Harry Connick, Jr. and Ben Affleck. There is something, to me, about handsome dads with some life experience under their belts that I find intensely attractive. And a smattering of gray hair around the temples always seems to draw my attention.

  3. These are indeed men in their prime. Some primes last longer than others.


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