Saturday, May 24, 2014

So that's what it's for!

I'm not really a fan of Facebook. Oh, I spend a lot of time on it. But usually I'm snooping on people (a former and very annoying coworker was looking for work and I was so happy to see where she landed ... because it meant she wasn't coming to my agency) or reading what feels like press releases from people I don't necessarily know very well. Not much that's posted feels real. So while I enjoy keeping up with people over the miles in real time (an old boyfriend, a really good guy, and his wife just posted the last day of school of their youngest child, so it truly was the last day of school for them), I don't much see the value of it.

Until Thursday. I posted this photo of Charlotte (posting it again because I like looking into her eyes again) and mentioned that, after all those years of looking after me and the boycats, she can now relax. I got so many very sweet little messages and hugs. I got two IM's, too (from my nephew and from Ms. Snarkypants herself). They made me feel better. They really did.

As did the sweet and sensitive comments I received on my Charlotte blog post (below). Thank you, everyone. Because she was such a good and trusting diva cat, I'm reminded from that Arthur Miller line from Death of a Salesman -- "attention must be paid." The internet gives us an almost immediate way to pay attention to the important things in one anothers lives.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. It is always a heart-wrenching decision. I cried for days when I put my dog to sleep. I'd had her for 17 years, too. May time bring you comfort.

  2. I think the loss of a pet affects us all deeply and we 'get it' and what it feels like for someone else. I know the threads on FB where I've shared losing Max, Lucie, and Stinkersons had people come out of the woodwork to offer sympathy.

    It's times like that I'm glad for FB (you know I bitch about it, too!) because I don't fee so alone in my sadness. And I've also seen how many join in on my authentic joy (like the new pics) or comment on my memories of Lauren.

    Those are universal things to which we can all relate, Gal. You and the lovely Charlotte were with me during Sophia's last days. I'm glad that you felt supported during this time.


  3. I enjoy FB..I love reaching out to friends & family. The loss of a pets cuts deep..I truly felt your pain in your words.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    The night after I read about Charlotte passing, I discovered my Gatsby also passed. It was very uncanny. Like you, I got so many beautiful messages both on my blog and facebook and it truly helped.


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