Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday 9

"Meet the Flintstones" (The Flintstones Theme) 

1) The song promises that, "When you're with the Flintstones, you'll have a yabba-dabba-doo time." So clearly Wilma was one accomplished hostess. What about you? Do you enjoy having company? No. I avoid it all costs.

2) Since lyrics say, "Let's ride with the family down the street/courtesy of Fred's two feet," we're assuming the pedal-powered Flintstone car didn't require much gas. Are you loyal to a particular brand of gas? Or do you fill up with whatever is nearby, or least expensive?
Sorry, no car.

3) Clearly a sharp-dressed man in stone-age Bedrock wore a long tunic and no pants. What are you wearing right now, as you answer these questions? An oversized, bright gold t-shirt with the words, "KEY WEST" and the silhouette of a scuba diver in navy blue. It's this week's nightie.

4) Pebbles Flintstone grew up with Dino the Dinosaur and Baby Puss the Saber-Tooth Cat. Did you have any pets as you were growing up? I had a wonderful white cat named Tommy. He was quirky, fun and affectionate.

5) Mr. Slate is Fred's blustery boss at quarry, and he frequently threatens to fire Fred. Have you ever had a bad-tempered boss? I once had a boss who was ... um ... what's the word I'm looking? Fucking nuts! That's it! One day he just started insulting me in the most personal way -- telling me how bad my attitude is and that I need therapy. "OK," said I, "I get it. I'm fired. I've never been fired before. What do we do now? Do I go to HR and sign something?" He told me I couldn't leave, he needed me too much, and he took out his money clip and offered me all the cash in his pocket. Seeing crazy up close and personal like that is jarring. I was there barely a year.

6) It's estimated that during The Flintstones original run (1960-1966), it was viewed by as many adults as kids. Now that you're a grown up, do you still watch cartoons? No.

7) In 1961, The Flintstones was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award as Outstanding Comedy Series. Do you watch awards shows? Love 'em. The Tony Awards are next weekend.

8) There are at least two Flintstones-themed amusement parks currently in
operation. Do you enjoy scary rides? Yes. It's been too long since I've been on a roller coaster. Unfortunately, none of my friends is up for a trip to the amusement park. The closest I'll come this summer is the Navy Pier ferris wheel.

9) Flintstones Vitamins are still on store shelves. Do you take a vitamin each morning? Yes, but the CVS brand, not Flintstones.


  1. I'm glad you moved on up from the Flintstones vitamins. That boss sounds like a nightmare. How do the crazy people end up on top?

  2. That boss was whackadoodle; holy crap!!! Sorry you had to deal with his nonsense. :(

    Are you a SCUBA diver, too?

  3. That boss story was scary. I worked a radio sales job where when we got sold my boss quit, the DJs fired (we went from a soft rock format to alternative rock) & the big boss called me in. Getting fired sucks. They just explain and explain. I wasn't listening. All of a sudden I realized that I wasn't being fired, that I was getting the sales manager job. I had to tell him I wasn't listening. He said, "Where should I start?" I replied, "When you said 'Bud have a seat'"

  4. I like Smellyann's description. whackadoodle sounds just right. At least those days are done.

  5. The Navy Pier ferris wheel sounds like fun!

  6. Talk about avoiding company at all costs, I got a large and very unfriendly dog who helps me take care of all that :)

  7. Sounds like one crazy ass boss!


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