Thursday, May 08, 2014

Poor Girl

Charlotte was dealing with constipation on Wednesday, straining unsuccessfully to feel completely empty.* I worry that she may be becoming dehydrated, so I'll have to watch her more closely. I dosed her with catalax (a kitty laxative) and gave her some meat baby food, which is mostly water.

I've got a client meeting today out of town and am way behind on a major project, so I simply can't take off work right now. So hang in there, little girl!

*Though what she did manage to pass looked normal to me.


  1. ah...poor baby. praying she makes a good poop today :0)

  2. Poor kitty! I hope she's better soon.

  3. Poor Charlotte, I hope she's feeling much better soon!

  4. My Small Dog gets constipated sometimes too. In fact a few times she's had such trouble pooping that she yelped and came running over to me, like she wanted me to protect her from her butt! :( I will have to remember to try baby food next time.


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