Monday, May 26, 2014

Facing forward

Reynaldo is behaving a bit differently these days. He hasn't curled up on his kitty condo once since Charlotte died. Instead he's taken to her regular haunts, sleeping on the foot of the bed and perching on the back of the sofa. I think he misses her.

Joey does not. While he has the sweetest of hearts, Charlotte never had any use for him. Nearly every morning this century, he tried to befriend her at breakfast and she swatted him on the nose.

Joey is the same age as Charlotte was. The heartbreaking thing about our pets is that they don't live as long as we need them to, and, statistically speaking, Joey is on borrowed time.

I have to start thinking about getting another cat. Reynaldo can't be home alone all day. He's too social. He'd be confused, bored and unhappy by himself all day while I'm at work.

Tuesday, June 3 is my nephew's 8th grade graduation. Depending on how things are going at work, I may take the whole day off and check out the animal shelter in his neighborhood. My nephew is a cat lover and might enjoy being part of the process. If I meet anyone who seems like a good fit for this household, perhaps I'll go back the following Saturday (6/7) and adopt.


  1. good thinking ahead to the need of a pet...i am sure you will find a beautiful addition to your family. there are so many wonderful pets waiting for a home.

  2. I like the idea of your nephew helping out.

  3. New kitty cat for the win! :)


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