Sunday, April 06, 2014

So glad we had lunch

My nephew and I spent a couple hours together over pizza and he filled me in on his 8th grade life.

He didn't mention the class trip to Washington DC, which I know he dearly wanted to go on but can't afford. He's enthusiastic about the two traditional events that await him before graduation -- a museum trip to downtown Chicago and a trip to Six Flags Great America.

For me, the big news is that he's no longer sure he wants to be an author. He wants to teach. "Kids my own age or younger." I'm glad to hear this because I almost ordered him a wallet for graduation that said, "You are this close to be written out of my novel."

We also discussed our summer outing. My nephew wants to return to The Taste of Chicago. I'm not surprised because the boy does love to eat!

He's a good kid, a sweet kid. I enjoyed our time together.

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  1. I wonder how many times he'll change his mind about his profession?


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