Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I got her to purr!

So Monday when I got home from work, I found my diva cat Charlotte lethargic, hiding and refusing food and water. Tuesday morning found her a wee bit more social. On Tuesday night, I whipped out that jar of Gerber 2nd Meats I keep on hand for just this occasion.

ATTENTION, PET OWNERS -- Dogs and cats alike are in love with the scent of Gerber 2nd Meats and will eat it, no matter what. They don't provide much in terms of feline/canine nutrition, but are rich in moisture and can help you fend off dehydration. Also, a dog will snarf down a pill the size of a football if it smells like Gerber 2nd Meats.

Miss Thing was feeling friendly enough toward me to sleep on the foot of my bed Tuesday night.

Today she's still not eating or drinking, but she did lap up more of the Gerber and she's beside me on the sofa, purring!

We're going to the vet Friday afternoon. But I'm feeling more confident about her prognosis. The lack of appetite and constipation/dehydration could be a reaction to her thyroid medicine.


  1. Glad she's feeling a wee bit better. Is she on thyroid meds?

    I know taking her there is a pain in the butt - and it's better than the alternative even though she's a lovely dowager type, well on in years.

    Keep us posted. I've been wondering.

  2. I think progress is great! Viva the Diva!

  3. i sure hope she starts feeling sad


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