Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November Challenge

Day 6 -- My views on mainstream music

I don't hear it much. Of Billboard's top 10, I've only heard two ("Roar" and "Wrecking Ball"), and those I'm familiar with from TV.

This revelation leaves me wistful. I remember being a girl of 7 and 8 and absolutely NEEDING to know which song was #1. Carrying my little transistor into the bathroom with me so I could get the news while taking my before-bed bath, or wrapping aluminum foil around the antenna while trying to get a signal in the family's little summer cabin in Wisconsin. Now I simply don't care.

I guess mainstream music is supposed to belong to the young.


  1. Not necessarily.

    I don't really know much about Top 40. I rarely know about top hits unless my friends recommend it, or I hear it in a club and like it.

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  3. Mind of Mine proves my point. Independent enough to live alone, old enough to hang around in clubs ... and past the young vintage that aches to know what's hot and saves the allowance received from his parents to buy the newest tunes.

  4. I agree with you Gal! I just can't get into main stream music anymore...too loud and no story! I want my music to tell ME a story

  5. I play iTunes or Pandora in class often, and the kids like the Top 40, so I hear it with them. I'm not enthralled by it.

  6. I think now I like music much more based on the emotions the songs make me feel, or the memories they bring back, instead of based on what music is popular. I have no idea what is on the Top 40 list right now... most of the music I've recently discovered is Indie music I found on Pandora!


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