Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Piling on the perky

I am so saddened by the Travyon Martin case, and by the reaction to the verdict (read Joe Scarborough's near-perfect column, but skip the comments as they unfortunately prove Joe's point), that I have been avoiding the news. That is not like me. But the story that dominates the news depresses me so.

I have, instead, turned to the antithesis and sought out aggressively happy energy. Last night, after work, I watched a DVR'd episode of Katie*, which featured Katie Couric, Jane Lynch and Susan Lucci playing a word game. This morning I turned to ME-TV's rerun of That Girl. Ann and Don went to Connecticut to be maid of honor/best man for Ruthie and Jerry's elopement and got snowed in and havoc ensued.

Gotta remember to put PEOPLE and US in my bag to take to the health club. No serious news for me!  How I wish the Royal Baby would get here. That would truly distract me.

*BTW, I can't believe Couric and I are the same age, but we are. She looks fabulous.


  1. If you had a team of people, assistants, minions, and stylists, you would look like Couric, too!

    I've got to find out if MeTv is on my cable...

  2. somethings we can't control...mainly other people. i don't even give it a thought anymore...why drive myself crazy.
    Katie has money, if we did we would look good too...
    money=less stress


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